Anybody who’s heard classic tunes like “Welcome to Jamrock” or Distant Relatives–his collaborative album with Nas–knows that Damian Marley handles his business on the microphone. Later this year he will release the highly anticipated solo album Stony Hill, building on a mighty musical legacy. But please overstand that Jr. Gong aka Gongzilla is putting in work on multiple levels.

In this new video interview, Bob Marley’s youngest son shares his thoughts on a variety of topics from finding the common ground amongst world religions to the power of speaking words as a way of manifesting visions into reality.

“What we need in reggae music is business visionaries,” he says. “We have a lot of creative, artistic visionaries.” Three years ago he launched the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, which sets sail again next month with an even bigger vessel than before. Earlier this month he announced a partnership with the company Ocean Grown Extracts, which recently acquired an abandoned prison in California. They are converting the prison into a ganja growery for medical use. The company has also entered a “joint venture” with the company Tru Cannabis to open a medical and recreational dispensary across the street from the NFL stadium in Denver—offering a new way to help keep Bronco tailgaters a “Mile High.”

“I don’t like when a man say ‘Boy, the struggle will never die,'” says Marley, speaking about his song “The Struggle Discontinues” which appears on the new album. “I’m working toward killing the struggle. Not killing people’s ambition to better themselves, but killing the feeling that you have to be a struggler.”



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